Finall Assembly - Day4

Final Assembly

This is the place that I finalized for my IBCAS. Sunlight is little less in this area and I am little worried about that.

The Fish tank section is also covered in HDPE sheet

GI square pipe with hangers on the edge got it done from nearby welding shop for grow bed support

Hangers are placed on IBC GI frame

Grow Bed is placed on the hanger - side view

Grow Bed is placed on the hanger - front view

Gravel is added. Plumbing is done and It is wiring time now for water pump and air pump

You can see the black wire from container going in to the tank for water pump and white hose for air stone

 Water from tank comes to grow bed from right top and distributed equally on all four sides

Closer view :)

Water pump is connected to green hose which is connected to a T joint where right side goes up to grow bed and left side goes back to fish tank through a flow control valve. This done to adjust the grow bed fill time and for providing extra aeration by water circulating back to fish tank. Also it should be kept in mind that grow bed inlet flow should be less than drain outlet flow, which other wise might cause issues in the normal functioning of Bell Siphon  

The pipe going to grow-bed

Itz draining time

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