Bell Siphon setup - Day2

Bell Siphon Setup

IBC cap with hole , male and female threaded connectors and washer

Threaded connectors are fitted on the IBC cap

Side view. Stand Pipe will be connected to top and drain pipe will be connected to bottom

Gravel guard with cap, Bell Siphon with cap and stand pipe - see the difference in length

The length difference will be usually 1/2 to 1 inch among each.

Stand pipe connected to IBC cap. The water level in the grow-bed is decided by standpipe. The usual practice is to have water up to 1 inch below the grow bed.

Bell Siphon above stand pipe

Drain pipe connected to other end of IBC cap. As per experts, there should  be a bend on the drain pipe for Siphon action to start

Gravel guard above Bell Siphon

Holes are put on Gravel guard. It should be noted that hole size should be smaller than the gravel size.

The first Bell Siphon was not working properly and after lots of trial and error, figured out a new method. The images of latest Siphon is not updated at present. Will be adding it soon. 

I call it TFBS. ( Trouble Free Bell Siphon)  :)Ta :)gs: IBC, Aquaponics, Kerala, Aquaculture, Fish, Grow Bed, Fish tank, Bell Siphon

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