IBC Tank Preparation - Day1

01. IBC tank just arrived. Had to pay Rs/-4250 for the tank and Rs/-300 for transportation.


02. It was raining heavily those days and I moved the tank to a better location.

03. Removed metal sheets on the sides. Check the labels on this sheet to see whether it is food safe.Always check with the FDA about material safety before growing food in a container

 04. Plastic container is taken out

05. The plan is to use upper portion (250L) as grow bed and lower portion (750L) as fish tank.

06.  You can use Jigsaw or Circular Saw for cutting. 

07. Tank is cut open. Lot of clean up needed :(

08. This is how I am going to keep my tanks.

09. Finished washing and waiting for it to dry.

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  1. Excellent ..I would like to speak to you..pls get in touch

  2. @Vijayan, Thank you. I guess we have already spoken. right?